Jordan Year

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“Because a cracked image is still a beautiful one”

-Wallace Lane

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“Baltimore City has a reputation for being dark— outsiders have called it a grim place that lacks hope. But true Baltimoreans like Wallace Lane know different, because he feels the love and understands the beauty as it is a part of him. That same passion that bonds Wallace, like so many of us to this magical place can be found in Jordan Year. Jordan Year is a unique collection poems— some are painful, razor sharp and challenging, while others are both delicate and hilarious. There’s a journey on each page. Jordan Year is a must read and Wallace Lane is a name you will not forget. “

 D. Watkins, author of The Beast Side and The Cook Up 

Jordan Year continually asks us to consider among the many heartaches, joys, failures, and triumphs, out of all the many milestones a childhood accumulates, which are worth remembering. These poems with an unadorned tenderness and an unblinking gaze, blaze like a lit matchbook on a dark street. Both Baltimore and black masculinity are caught up in the glow, insisting on greater and greater clarity. Wallace Lane wrote a buzz beater at a time when overtime just won’t do. Here are poems that make you want to rush to the court of your own heart. “

Steven Leyva, author of Low Parish 

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